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I was born and raised in Marquette Michigan. The Beautiful Upper Peninsula, where you will find the beautifully clear but treacherous waters of Lake Superior. This is the famous waters that claimed the lives of men who were on the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Lake Superior
Life on the Farm
In my early years my family lived on a hundred acre farm about 25 miles from Marquette. My parents owned a Pet Shop at the time and our farm animals included Horses, Cows(Beef and Milking), Pigs, Chickens, Geese, Ducks, Turkeys, Rabbits, Dogs, Cats, and Foxes. There would occasionally be a Monkey or two. After chores, I would spend my time riding horses. There were many natural trails to explore.
Autumn Leaves
The Move
As we grew older my father moved us back to Marquette. Once I graduated from High School I decided to take a year off and moved to Sarasota Florida. I lived there for a year. I then returned to Marquette to begin College for an Art and Design degree. After two years, I decided to move back to Florida.

This time I moved to Key West. While there, I discovered my sea legs and lived on a trimaran boat for about 6 months, then I got lonesome for the comforts of stable surroundings and moved into an apartment. I worked at a little artists boutique and continued my drawing skills. Becoming home sick, once again I moved back to Marquette. This time however, I only stayed for a short time and moved to Clearwater only to return to Marquette for vacations. Other places I've lived are: St. Petersburg, Gulfport and Palm Harbor.

Careers in Florida included: Sail Maker (also bimini's, boat cushions, Spinnakers), Cashier, Stock Clerk, Front Desk Clerk, Secretary, Administrative Assistant, Appraiser Assistant, Real-estate Salesperson, Computer Training Coordinator, Desktop Publisher, Computer Programmer, and my most recent position as Multimedia Engineer.

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