Unrequited Desire

Written by Diane M. Trepany

My minds reality knows your true feelings, but my heart's fantasy subconsciously takes over. A constant battle of wits erupts throughout my soul.

When I look into your eyes, reality is surrendered as I try to search the deep endless journey into your spiritual soul.

But my attempt to grasp the essence of your inner being is futile. For your eyes do not reveal your secrets held within.

I do not understand the fascination upon our fateful meeting. And I have to force myself to subdue my emotionalism.

Empathy is all I can ask for my juvenile digressiveness. Mystified by my pendular behavior I am continually tempted to search for meanings I may never know or comprehend.

Unusual as my written sentiment is, my sensibility realizes, the lure of your gaze is simply innocent curiosity.

This poem was submitted to The National Library of Poetry and was published in their edition of "Searching for Soft Voices" and "Dreaming in Metaphors".

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