My name is Ted Halvorsen
Welcome to Halson Marionettes.
I am the creator/founder of this fine small company, specializing in custom-built marionettes. We are located in the Midwest and have been making marionettes professionally since 1988. Our marionettes are not mass-produced - all are individual one-of-a-kind pieces.
Customers commission me to hand craft their individualized special request marionettes. I can build your custom marionette from a photo or a suggested written description. Most marionettes come with the standard nine strings, but special stringing can be added for more movements, depending on your requirements.
When constructing my marionettes, I use Tupelo wood (which only grows in the south) to create the puppet heads. It makes for excellent carving and smooth sanding. Most bodies, legs and arms are made from pine or poplar. My Prices vary. Marionettes start around $400.00 and can be up to $2,500.00 ea. or more.