Creation Process
Our specialty is making custom professional marionettes - any way you like - from pictures or descriptions.
All marionettes are guaranteed against breakage under normal conditions and come signed and with a Certificate of Authenticity (C.O.A.). Each marionette is individually signed and are shipped in an original Halson Marionette box.
All marionettes stand about 18" to 24" tall without the strings.
These string-puppets are made of 100% wooden two or three section bodies and have superb action like professional marionettes should.
These finely balanced marionettes have tongue and groove arm, leg, ankle joints, with hand carved head, hands and feet.
Most puppets have weighted hands and feet for maximum control and a full range of movement.
Each custom made puppet is very well balanced and is operated with a European, air plane or pistol grip style controller with the standard nine strings.
All Marionettes have individualized tailored hand-sewn clothes.
Marionettes can be "talkers" or "non-talker" with blinking eyes or fixed eyes..
Prices are based upon required amount of detail and negotiated before order is placed and construction begins.
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We start each marionette head by first creating it in Sculpey clay and bake it in the oven. By working with clay first we can refine the head and character to a finer state. It is then mounted in the Duplicarver with a block of wood to "rough" it out.
The head is duplicated in wood on all four sides. This process takes about two hours to get it to this state. The "rough" is then removed and detailed by hand carving to refine it even more.
Each head is sanded to perfection, then cut in half to make the moving parts required for each order. Not all heads have moving mouths or eyes. The head is then assembled and glued. More sanding is then required to remove the joint lines.
At this stage the head is painted. Most to react to stage lighting, others not. Each piece gets undercoated, then layer painted to get the many skin tone colors humans actually have on their faces.
The completed head, ready to get attached to a body.
At this point, body parts are brought together for assembly. Most body parts are made from Poplar or Pine wood. It's easy carving and very strong. Each individual part is cut, sanded, assembled and glued to create the total body.
Semi-assembled two section body. Three section bodies move smoother than the two, but take some extra steps to complete.
The completed marionette, clothes and all. It helps to have clothes patterns and a good sewing machine.